When faced with their cat’s painful illness or injury, most cat owners are highly motivated to find solutions that heal or ease symptoms. Medication, supplements, physical  therapy, and rehabilitation are important, but a cutting-edge treatment modality is also on the rise.

Pet laser therapy is a non-invasive and relatively quick procedure that has the potential to expedite the healing process and relieve pain.


Laser therapy allows us to concentrate on a specific part of the body that hurts. Digital radiographs and physical examinations are necessary before initial treatments in order to pinpoint our approach.

Laser therapy cannot safely be applied to cancerous tissue, spay tattoos, the thyroid gland, a pregnant uterus, or the eyes. However, when applied to parts of the body that are infected, inflamed, or healing after surgery, the benefits of laser therapy are unparalleled.

Acute or Chronic

Pet laser therapy works in the following ways:

  • Opens the blood vessels
  • Stimulates the body’s lymphatic drainage system
  • Reduced bruising and inflammation
  • Activates the nerves that block pain response
  • Increases the production of pain-relieving endorphins
  • Improves the functions of nerves
  • Increases metabolism

Whether your cat is suffering from acute pain related to surgical incisions or dental issues, or chronic pain like arthritis (as many senior cats do), laser therapy can positively impact prognosis and longevity.

Cute Goggles

To protect them from red and near-infrared light emitted from the wand, cats should wear protective lenses over their eyes.

  • First, without the use of sedatives or any medication, we encourage cats to find a comfortable spot.
  • Then we adjust the laser to different wavelengths and pulse patterns to target precise areas on the body. The marginal warmth that comes from the handheld wand can help cats relax even further.  
  • Since they’re awake the entire time, we can readily observe their responses and reactions to the laser therapy.

Laser therapy attracts nutrients, water, and oxygen to the painful area which, in turn, increases circulation, decreases the buildup of scar tissue, reduces pain and inflammation, and helps toward normal restructuring and function.

The Scope

Sessions can last between 5-15 minutes. Improvements can be noted after the initial treatment, but for maximum impact, several sessions spread out over the course of a few weeks are typically recommended.

Veterinary Laser Therapy

Our gold-certified facility at Cat Care of Vinings offers laser therapy and regional nerve blocks to help your cat live without debilitating pain and suffering. It’s non-invasive, pain-free, and is free of negative side effects. It can even be relaxing for many cats!

Laser therapy is one of the best ways to improve quality of life for cats suffering from various ailments. If you have any questions or concerns about this cutting edge treatment, our veterinarians are always here for you!