Our vision at Cat Care of Vinings is simple: to provide veterinary excellence to every single one of our valued feline patients. And, by achieving the Gold Standard from the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP), we get to do that – and much more! 

Indeed, our feline friendly practice is part of a global movement that supports and elevates cat health. By focusing on the comfort and safety of our feline patients, we reduce stress and anxiety. In turn, this cultivates trust between our veterinarians, patients and their owners.

Kitten Steps

It can be very difficult for many cat owners to simply bring their cats into a veterinary setting. Cats are notorious for loathing every detail of their travel carrier, the car, and of course, the smells and sounds of a doctor’s office – especially if dogs are present.

Skipping routine wellness exams certainly cuts down on associated stress levels, but doing so may allow symptoms related to arthritis, kidney disease or periodontal disease to go undetected.

A Wave of the Future

Our feline-only practice was built on the idea that in order to best serve cats, they should be as relaxed as possible. Respecting their right to be free of fear gives us greater access to evaluate, diagnose, and treat our feline friends. Treating each cat with dignity enables us to “listen” more fully to what they (and you) are trying to tell us. 

On the Level

A feline friendly practice acknowledges the unique challenges that cat owners face when it’s time to bring their cat to the vet. At Cat Care of Vinings, we take into consideration all of the unique needs of individual cats. To that end, we have created a warm and welcoming physical environment that aims to reduce associated stress and anxiety. In so doing, we are able to deliver the optimal medical care to our feline friends. 

Special Designation

A Silver Standard practice meets all the essential criteria for special designation. A Gold Standard Feline Friendly practice, like Cat Care of Vinings, incorporates the optimum level of criteria, offering the following amenities:

  • Cats only waiting and exam rooms with special platforms
  • Specifically trained staff members that apply low-stress handling techniques and look out for feline-specific body language, expressions, and vocal intonations
  • Ongoing medical training and research that helps us stay on the cutting edge of veterinary medicine with a feline focus
  • Consistent exposure to Feliway pheromone (proven to promote positive associations)
  • Delicious treats
  • Warm towels
  • Low-traffic, low-noise, soothing music and soft lighting

Our Efforts Have Been Recognized

For more information regarding all we’re able to offer our feline patients, we encourage you to schedule a tour or a wellness exam. That way you can see first hand how we greet, handle, and get to know our visitors. 

Remember, when looking for the right fit for your cat’s health and happiness, accreditations matter. If we can assist you with further questions about our feline friendly Gold status, please let us know