A cat grooming a kitten.

Cats are fastidious creatures, and it may seem counterintuitive that they need our help to stay tidy. Our feline housemates do rely on us for many things, though, and Cat Care of Vinings knows that pet parents everywhere will be grateful to better understand our top three reasons cat grooming is so important.

Feline Grooming to Detect Trouble

Spending time brushing your cat, trimming their nails, cleaning their ears, and even brushing their teeth can really help you as a pet owner to better understand what is normal for them. It can also help you to notice subtle changes that may indicate a problem much sooner.

During your cat grooming sessions, pay attention to:

  • New lumps or bumps
  • Areas that your cat seems uncomfortable with you touching
  • Signs of overgrown or abnormal claws
  • Increased or smelly discharge from the ears
  • Red or irritated skin
  • Bad breath
  • Signs of external parasites like fleas
  • Excessive shedding 

If you make note of something new or concerning, consider contacting us so that we can assess the situation and help determine if further action is necessary. 

The Importance of Cat Grooming in Coat Health

Grooming your cat can also help to promote overall good coat health. Brushing can stimulate natural oil production, moisturizing and smoothing the coat. Keeping the coat free from mats is also important for skin health and your pet’s overall comfort.

Removing excess hair can also help your cat’s digestive tract by decreasing the load of hair that can contribute to hairball formation

Cats who have excessive matting or other special coat needs may benefit from a professional grooming session to maintain the coat at peak health.

Cat Grooming as a Chance to Bond

Possibly our favorite benefit that highlights the importance of cat grooming is the strengthening of the bond between you and your pet.

Cats engage in mutual grooming as a sign of love and respect. They are social animals and crave interaction. When you immerse yourself in this cat behavioral ritual, you really cement that connection with your cat as part of your family. Who doesn’t like to get a good massage from someone they love?

Cat grooming should be a part of your wellness care routine for your feline friend. We think that there are some good reasons to get that kitty brush out and get to work. The benefits are pretty compelling. Call (404) 792-0700 to learn more about our cat-only services.