Have you ever wondered about what it’s like to work at Cat Care of Vinings? It takes a team full of multi-talented individuals to make sure that our patients and clients are taken care of. Most of you know Dr. Mike and have an idea of what she does, but did you know that there are always five or six people behind the scenes helping her on any given day? 

The Stars of Cat Care of Vinings

Typically, the veterinarian’s job is to diagnose and perform surgery. All other tasks are usually performed by registered technicians and other support staff. A registered technician has a college degree in veterinary technology and they are licensed to practice by the state. They are highly skilled in nursing care, drawing blood, placing IV catheters, examining fluid and tissue samples under the microscope, and monitoring anesthesia. They also perform many of the minor medical procedures that can be delegated by the veterinarian such as: taking x-rays, wound care, bandaging limbs, administering vaccines, performing dental prophylaxis, and educating clients. 

Veterinary Assistants: Our veterinary assistants support both the veterinarian and registered technicians. They perform many of the same duties as our registered technicians. While assistants don’t always have a formal education in veterinary technology, they have completed strenuous on-the-job training and keep their knowledge current with continuing education courses. 

Cat Care of Vinings is now hiring Veterinary Technicians in Atlanta!

Receptionists: If you have ever called the clinic or walked into our lobby, our receptionists are the first smiling faces that you meet. Our receptionists are multi-tasking rock stars! They answer phone calls ranging from appointment requests and prescription refills to end-of-life counseling. They are the “air traffic controllers” of the hospital; they know everything that is going on at all times and keep us all on task. If you have a question about what happened at your last visit, just ask a receptionist. They definitely know more than you might expect!

Cat Care of Vinings is now hiring Veterinary Receptionists in Atlanta!

Practice Managers: Most clinics also have a practice manager. Typically, the practice manager acts as an “HR Department of One,” client service supervisor, veterinary assistant, receptionist, inventory manager, bookkeeper, marketing specialist, and operations manager at any moment of the day. We are lucky to have a manager who is both a registered technician and also a Certified Veterinary Practice Manager (CVPM). CVPM designation is appreciated and known as the highest level of credential for veterinary managers.

Everyone working in veterinary medicine does it because we enjoy caring for animals and their people. We love our jobs and we’re proud of the level of service that we are able to provide at Cat Care of Vinings. If you have ever been “wowed” by your experience, we hope that you can see how we couldn’t do it without our team.