Compassion Driven…

Wellness Care and Prevention

We recommend bi-annual wellness exams for all feline life stages. Subtle changes may occur quickly and sick or suffering cats often show no sign of distress or disease. What we see as an occasional vomiting problem may be masking an underlying change in metabolism, gastro-intestinal, liver, kidney or pancreas disease. Earlier detection body weight changes, dental disease, and so on, allow for early intervention and a much improved success rate for recovery. If we see you twice annually we can address frequent common problems, behavior or attitude changes, and provide education about preventive health care. We want to help you improve the quality of life for you and your cat and reduce the long term expenses associated with your cat’s health care. If you find yourself wondering if there is a problem, it is probably real; the emergency room is not the place to find out.

Ask us how to enroll in our bi-annual program and reduce your chances of ever finding yourself after hours or on a weekend seeking guidance and emergency care.

When you need more…

We maintain facility certifications to bring you the most complete emergency, laboratory, and diagnostic testing available in any cat only facility in Georgia. We offer full radiography, cardiology, and detailed dental health consultations and evaluations. We work closely with board-certified veterinarians and affiliates at major veterinary teaching facilities to bring you essential feline-specific diagnostic recommendations to make your medical decisions. Our consulting specialists help us guide you when you have to make critical decisions regarding the care of your baby, often without leaving our facility.

Other Services

We offer diagnostic testing for further analysis in your search for support and answers: surgical biopsies, bladder stone removal, dental extractions, ultrasound-guided biopsies, endoscopy, otoscopy, rhinoscopy and cystoscopy. Our feline-only, AAHA certified, cat-friendly gold certified facility offers cold laser and regional nerve blocks to ensure your cat’s recovery from any procedure is as pain and stress free as possible.

Boarding and Grooming

Our condominium boarding is available year round. Many owners notice less emotional distress when their cats stay with us, especially when long trips are required.

Our comfortable kitty condos have several shelves of vertical space and lots of sunshine. Feedings are up to three times daily and litter boxes are completely cleaned twice daily or more if needed. Our guests are treated to full room service, including turn down bedding service, fresh meals delivered every morning & evening, and a nightly complementary catnip or other treat for those who enjoy such things. If you already have a boarding appointment with us, you can use this form to check in ahead of time.

Our grooming services range from nail trims and soft-paw applications to sanitary shaves and lion cuts. All cats must be current on vaccinations for our staff to provide grooming services. Our full grooming procedures require sedation. Please call us to discuss your needs in detail. A bad haircut can make for a bad day...

Special Needs or Medical Boarding

With the advantages of a full veterinary hospital just a step away, our boarders are given daily medications when needed. Often cats with chronic medical conditions, geriatric & diabetic patients need special accommodations—Call us to discuss your needs and concerns and our fees for these additional services. We want you to know your best options for care while staying with us. If you already have a boarding appointment with us, you can use this form to check in ahead of time.

We ask that all boarding guest be current on Rabies and respiratory virus vaccinations, have a negative fecal screen within the calendar year or allow us to obtain one while boarding at Cat Care. Furthermore, we require a negative Felv/FIV test as an adult cat (over 6 months of age). If your cat is indoor/outdoor, we require the same minimum vaccinations, fecal testing, a flea treatment if not on any monthly treatment or has signs of flea infestation, and an annual test for Felv/FIV on record.

When you need to let go…

Letting go is never an easy decision and is rarely an obvious choice. Cat Care of Vinings is committed to supporting you when the questions are difficult and the answers are painful. If something is different: appetite, attitude, or activity, even subtle changes… let us know. Cats are “ninjas” about hiding things until they are quite sick. We are cat people and know how difficult it can be to know if it is time; let us help you make good care decisions for your little one.

Dr. Michael Friedlander is experienced, capable, kind, and caring with my cat and with me. Her staff is also excellent. Besides the excellent care for my cat, Michael also educated me on what I need to do to take care of my cat, such as vaccinations and heart worm prevention. This is a top notch feline veterinary hospital with a top notch staff!
This veterinary clinic changed my cat's entire life…[he had] severe dental problems… I was reluctant to…do the procedures… I cannot stress how happy I am… Everyone treats the cats with love and care, and they treat the people with respect and offer great advice.
I am extremely fortunate to have taken her to Cat Care of Vinings… They take time to listen…answer questions, offer guidance…compassion, and give frequent and welcome updates.
…more information than the previous…places… Also,…we did not feel like they were pressuring us into paying for expensive procedures that may or may not work… [They] actually showed care and concern for our kitty…
Where do I begin? There are so many positives about Cat Care of Vinings…this entire practice is on a whole other level… The environment is relaxing and the staff are comforting and supportive.
CCV is a warm, quiet environment that helps my nervous cat feel more comfortable… The vet techs and office staff are skilled, helpful and friendly. A+
These people love your pet almost as much as you do… This seems less like a business and more like a labor of love. [They]…always keep you in the loop of what is happening…and put both you and your pet at ease…providing first rate care for you cat.
Cat Care is exactly what it says. The whole office is geared toward all felines… There are cat trees, and cat friendly furniture throughout. But is what is more important is the feline expertise…
The staff are always welcoming and hospitable. Doctors will go out of their way to make sure your cat is taken care of and comfortable. They always return your calls and even call to check up on your cat after an appointment.
The quality of treatment and unbelievable care with which my kitten was treated are priceless to me especially as kitten moves into her later years. I wouldn’t take her anywhere else.
At Cat Care of Vinings, every person…demonstrated care. Everything was well explained… I received phone calls updating me on his progress and asking how he was after I took him home. They are compassionate and knowledgeable about cats and that is what really matters.
The Vets have taken time to know and understand both my kitties. All clinic staff are caring, knowledgeable, and generally first rate.
…We must say that Dr. Jennifer Palmer…is the BEST. Her medical experience, bedside manner, candor, and quest for knowledge…is immeasurable. She goes beyond the call of duty to ‘reach-out’ for answers and health options you may not be aware of.
I was shocked at how little we knew even after more than a decade of cat ownership and regular vet visits. I really can't say enough about how thrilled we are with Dr. Palmer and Cat Care of Vinings. We just feel so fortunate to have you in our lives and are most grateful. Thank you all for all that you do! :-)
The veterinarians and staff here are very professional, caring and thorough (they check for things other vet clinics don’t). They genuinely love their clients (i.e. cats)…
Knowledgeable, caring vets and a very supportive team. Highly recommended based on my personal experiences…
I have had cats my whole life and have used many veterinarians over the years. Cat Care of Vinings provides the best care I have ever received for my 'kids' - cats