Documented research proves that dog owners are more outgoing and social than other people, but the reach and power of owning a cat is not as well known. Cat owners know how wonderful it is to share their home with a cat or two. While it’s fun and rewarding to have a cat, we also learn a great deal from our feline relationships.

What does this mean for our human relationships? Only great things!

Starting Small

Owning a cat is one of life’s more fulfilling experiences. In fact, it’s so good that most cat owners prefer to stay home with their four-legged best furballs than spend time in groups or crowds. The reason for this could definitely point to the quiet nature of cats, which allows us, in turn, to contemplate, meditate, or simply hang about and relax – or, it might go deeper.

When we give our cats the attention and affection they deserve, we better equip ourselves to develop stronger, richer relationships with the people in our lives. Let’s count the ways.

Counting the Ways

Owning a cat isn’t just about attending to routine wellness exams, cleaning the litter box, and leaving a few catnip mice around the house. Instead, it takes a sizable amount of patience to understand and appreciate this independent, somewhat unpredictable, furry roommate.

Some of the ways your cat improves your human relationships include:

  • Don’t rush in – Of course, young kittens and highly socialized cats warm up to new people quickly. But adult and older cats take their time before weighing in with their verdict. This ability to stay the course can affect your human relationships, reminding you to have patience and helping you build the relationships you want!
  • Prioritize – Cats often want attention when you’re least likely to deliver it. Sitting on top of your keyboard when trying to type, nudging your ankles when you’re preparing dinner, etc. Sure, their timing might be off, but their attempts are pretty special. Taking a break from whatever it is that you’re doing is a great attribute. Showing love when someone else needs it is a gift.
  • Compassion – The greatest qualities you can bring to a relationship are compassion and empathy. Owning a cat reminds us of this every day. Trying to understand what your feline is feeling, and then responding in kind is a fantastic skill, showing up between you and other people, as well. Seeing an animal in need and helping them shows that you have extraordinary powers of giving.
  • Know what you want – Cats know exactly what they want, and usually know how to get it. In relationships with people, it’s equally important to know what you want and ask for it. Admire this feline trait and channel it when cultivating the relationships in your life.
  • Grey areas – Owning a cat is pure bliss, but it’s not without certain challenges. For example, one minute you could be showering Fluffy with pets and cuddles only to be rewarded with a scratch or a bite (petting induced aggression). This teaches us that there are shades of grey between individuals. In other words, love can be complex and the signs are often subtle (or confusing). Knowing this can be helpful when dealing with the emotions of other people, and accepting their idiosyncrasies.

Owning a Cat

You’re less stressed, happier, and grateful to have loving relationships in your life – human and feline! If you have additional questions or concerns about how owning a cat may benefit you, please give us a call!