kitten careThere’s something undeniably special about kittens; maybe it’s the large and inquisitive eyes, or the precious and tiny paws, or the little tails that continually twitch in the excitement of exploring a new environment. Taking care of a kitten is an exercise in playfulness and delight, to be sure.

Of course, caring for any new pet comes with a laundry list of tasks and responsibilities, and kitten care is no different. Let your team at Cat Care of Vinings walk you through everything you need to know to take the best care of and bond with your furry bundle of joy.

Know Thy Kitten

An important aspect of new kitten care is to understand the fundamental nature of your precious new kitty! All cats have their own distinct personalities, of course, but cats differ from dogs and other pets in important ways:

  • Cats are not pack animals by nature, and even the friendliest cat will probably be more independent than a dog
  • Cats are creatures of habit, and may take awhile to adjust to a change in routine or household dynamics
  • Cats are intelligent, playful, and curious and require mental and physical stimulation in the form of toys, games, and activities throughout their lives
  • Cats are generally more territorial than dogs and other pets

That being said, now it’s time to set the stage for…

The Purrrfect Environment

  • Scratching is a natural urge for all cats; it’s a way for them to mark territory as well as in important form of exercise and stress release. Make sure your new kitten has plenty of safe scratching surfaces available
  • Your kitten’s litter box should be located in a quiet but easily accessible spot in the home, and should be cleaned daily and washed weekly
  • Hiding spots and solitude are important to cats, and easy to provide in the form of an out of the way shelf, platform, or cat tree. Cats and kittens should also have access to a quiet hiding spot

A Beginner’s Guide To Kitten Care

Get your kitten ready for a lifetime of fun and good health with our tips:

  • Vet visits – Bring your kitten in to see us as soon as possible after he or she comes home so we can get started on a vaccination and parasite preventive schedule, de-worming, perform an overall wellness examination, and discuss spaying/neutering.
  • Food – A high quality food formulated especially for kittens is essential to their proper growth and overall health. Your veterinarian will be happy to discuss the right amount and feeding schedule that will work best for your new pet.
  • Socialization – Proper socialization is a critically important part of kitten care! By exposing your kitten to as many new people and routines as possible, as well as making sure to pet, snuggle, groom, and generally handle frequently you will help to set the stage for a well-balanced and friendly adult cat.
  • Exploration and play – Boredom in pets can lead to depression, anxiety, and destructive acting out. Don’t forget to provide your kitten with plenty of opportunities for play and adventure each day.

Developing a relationship with our patients and their families is important to us at Cat Care of Vinings, and we can’t wait to meet your newest addition!